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Feminine Wash Matters...

" Don't stick no soap in your vagina, its a self cleaning oven"...thats what I was told at a very young age..and there is actually truth to that, however not he whole truth..

Lets take it back to Anatomy 101.

The Vulva is the canal that houses the Vagina. That's the part that needs the cleansing. I advise wiping with a white towel. White towels show all traces of anything other than cleanliness. 😆

The best way to cleanse your most precious space is by using a cleanser...just like you would do for your face. At Robynne Denise Intimate Body Care we specialize in body care for those most intimate times in our lives.

Each day should start and/or end with Coochie Coo Shampoo Feminine Wash.

While douching is not necessary in my opinion. Cleansing with a good Feminine Wash such as Coochie Coo Shampoo is the best option.

Coochie Coo Shampoo helps to wash away odor causing bacteria and will not affect your natural pH. It leaves your space fresh and so clean. My clients and online customers LOVE this product!

To find out more about this product and more visit my website @

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