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Every Woman is 2 Faced!

I know your like huh! Im not 2 Faced! Well Sista, Im here to tell you that EVERY woman is 2 faced! We have 2 sets of lips right? Exactly....Ok let me explain..

It seems like Facebook and Instagram show me every single person who hand makes body care products. As Im scrolling and admiring the creativity of some of the brands that I see, I cant help but notice how many products say FACE AND BODY...NOOOOOO!!! You should be using different products on each. Just think about it, your FACE is exposed to alot more than your body and therefore should be cared for differently.

Now on to that other guessed it...the one in between your legs...the one that we often call a Vagina....or Yoni..whatever you call should treat it like a face... It has a lips, a mouth, a scent and sometimes it gets kisses...Therefore you should take extra good care of her.

The proper way to cleanse your other FACE is to use a white towel and clean until you dont see anything but the white towel. This area should be cleansed very gently. I recommend using my ALL NATURAL Coochie Coo Shampoo or any other cleanser that is made specifically for your 2nd Face..

This product along with other Intimate Body Care are available

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