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Sundays are for SELF CARE

Hey Yall!

Saturday nights are for partying and Sundays are for SELF CARE...

During the month of September the season changes and so should your SELF CARE regimen. This is the time to get into a routine.

There are many levels and elements to SELF CARE.

Let's start with the basics. For a woman, Yoni Care is not always universal....and it should be...

Yoni Care should be simple and Universal. As a Brazilian Wax specialist, I have been able to identify the three main ingredients to keeping your Yoni healthy!

Weather you Wax, Shave, Nair (I pray that you don't Nair) , Laser, or nothing at all...Yoni Care should be the same..

Three simple products will ensure your happiness with your Yoni Girl..

  1. Coochie Coo Shampoo Feminine Wash is all natural Feminine Wash that keeps your pH balanced and clean.

  2. Pynk Panties Ingrown Scrub helps with ingrowns and marks associated with them. All natural scrub with anti itch properties.

  3. Cherry Wine Yoni Oil is a magical Yoni Oil keeps your Yoni with its natural flora. It smells delicious 😋 and helps with lubrication, hydration, healing, and odor.

All 3 are available

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