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February is about SELF LOVE!

Remember the conceited girl in school? I do...and I didn't like her..but now that Im older I realize that she actually had the right idea. It wasn't that she as conceited it was just that she put herself first..and guess what..Aint nothing wrong with that...LMAOO..

Self Love is loving and caring for yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. It means accepting yourself as you are, accepting what you feel is a flaw..I say (what you feel is a flaw) because GOD didn't make no mistakes when he made you so although there are things that you may not like about yourself, you are not flawed... ok..🥰

Self Love is know that choosing yourself is not being selfish, if you don't take care of you...who will?

So lets get started... The only supplies needed for this exercise is a notebook, pen, my IG @RobynneDenise and an open mind and soul.

February is all about Self Love! Lets Start a Self Love Journey...JOIN ME!

Grab a notebook and begin to document your life for the next 21 days. On the inside cover of the notebook write down your life goals and dreams, as a matter of fact write that down on everything that you can 😊

Here is a step by step guide to loving yourself properly...

  1. Nourish Your Body- Find a clean eating diet lifestyle that works for you. This does not mean that you are on a diet or that your cannot eat your most loved foods, however eating clean can help you to keep your body nourished and healthy. Discovering what's best for your body can be a fun and delicious task. I'm about to start using my friend Itiona salad dressings and marinades for my salads. Its called Essie Maries and you can find them on her website or if your in the Chicagoland area those delicious bottles of healthiness can be found at Marianos.

  2. Move Your Body- Take time each day to move your body. Go for a walk, stretch at your desk, do some squats ( my favorite)..whatever you do be sure to move each day. I really like doing online fitness courses.

  3. Speak Positivity Into Yourself- Its so easy for us to criticize ourselves and set to high of expectations for ourselves. Speak positivity into yourself by literally using that inner voice that speaks to you sometimes and saying things like "Yessss" "I did that!" "Good Job Boo"...ect...ect... I mean if you can say these things to someone else, you can definitely tell yourself.

  4. Start a Self Care Routine- A true self care routine consist of a facial regimen, a bodycare regimen, bi-weekly manicures and pedicures, monthly massages and of course a yoni care routine. I happen to offer a whole line of self care products. All available on ...

I encourage you to get on your SELF LOVE mission. I will be posting all this month about this topic...

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