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Femininity By Definition

Moms, Grandma's and Television ..... thats where we first got our idea of what Femininity should be. The whole low maintenence, high maintenence thing is a real thing. Regardless to which one you are... Femininity plays a roll..

In the picture above you will see my daughter, she is 20 years young and her idea of Femininity is kinda Gothic and Grunge..yet feminine...recently at a lingerie photoshoot she wore a full length white dress, fish nets and some boots...I loved it!

At 40, Im just now finding mine. I went thru several stages of what I thought that being feminine was. Honestly I think its something that cannot be taught.

The idea behind my Femininity Oil was to create a product that smelled of flowers, felt like silk and had a sensual energy. One year later, she is still a favorite among my customers.

What is Femininity?

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