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From Side Hustle to Full Time Job!

Here it is Saturday morning @ 7am and Im up bright and early. Why?

Every Saturday for the past 5 years I have been getting up and going to work, just as happy as can be, heading in to wax at least 10 clients. Socializing is a part of my daily routine. Im a "Social Butterfly" for crying out loud...lmao...lbvs....Thats the one thing that I have not done.. I have not cried out loud... but believe me...deep down inside... I am crying a river.. I miss my clients so bad...Thank goodness for social media!

It took me at least 2 weeks to get over it and get used to the fact that I have to be home in order to stay safe and well. The well being of myself, my family, friends and clients is very important and I have to sacrifice in an effort to make sure that everyone is ok. Covid-19 is real. Its not a joke, it has been instrumental in killing up some people. Especially people who look like me. It is my duty to do my part and STAY HOME..

I love Auntie Lori for this video...

So anywho...After realizing that this is how I have to live for a while, I put my big girl panties on...( the ones that sit right up under my FUPA)..lmao...I strapped up my boots... I looked at my products that I have been just leisurely promoting and I said... OK...lets do this.. keeping in mind that I had actually asked for this... One day while sitting in the car alone... I said with my mouth and apparently with my heart.. "Lord, I need a break, I need some time to really get into these products."...

Then Boom....

This new way of life has turned my side hustle into my full time job..

Let me practice how this goes... uh um... (Clears throat)...

Hi! Im Robynne Denise and I am owner, manufacturer and distributer of an amazing line of Intimate Body Care products.

Whoo...ok... I can get used to this..

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