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GIRL! You cannot let just ANYBODY do your hair!

Im sitting here on this Sunday afternoon thinking about some of the conversations that I have had with some of my WAX clients. I have literally heard stories of Black and Brown women going to salons that are ran and services by another race and they were denied service, or told during service that their hair was too coarse or simply made to feel like it was something wrong with their pubic hair. Im like...WTF...

So basically what that means it that, its very important to do your research on finding the right Esthetician to perform your body waxes, especially Brazilian Waxing. I mean some research too...the same research that you would do if you were looking for somebody to do your hair on your head.. LBVS..

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you are serviced by the WRONG person. I will just tell you about a few!

  1. SHE WAXES YOU IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! This is one of the worse things that can happen because this will leave you itching and bumpy. The texture of our hair is very different than that of people who are not Black or Brown, therefore its hard sometimes for unexperienced and sometimes experienced waxer to decipher how to wax our hair.

  2. SHE GETS THE WAX STUCK!! Getting the wax stuck is a definite possibility because most times the unexperienced waxer will not know to cut the hair down before waxing..smh

  3. SHE CAN BURN YOU! I have heard of stories of the unexperienced waxer thinking that the wax has to be hotter in order to wax us properly...once again...smh

Those are just a few things that could happen when you are not educated on your waxer and the quality of their work.

I try to be very transparent in what Im doing and what's going on your skin. I use quality chakra gem and coconut oil infused soy wax. Hard and Soft waxes are used during all Brazilian Wax services. I recommend getting a wax every 4-6 weeks and DEMAND exfoliating at least every 2-3 days per week. Whatever you use is fine with me as long as its working, but if not I definitely offer an option.

Pynk Panties Ingrown Scrub

This citrusy goodness is the answer to your exfoliating needs. Its purpose it to aid in treating, brightening and preventing ingrowns hairs and the marks that they leave behind. Pynk Panties provides a gentle yet effective way to exfoliate. This product is perfect for those people who may have started out at places like *** WAXING CENTER...yall know the place that Im talking about.. the one with that dark blue wax that dries our skin out and leaves it feeling raw....YESSSS...that place... well this is a cure for those ingrowns that were created from them..or from years of shaving...

Learn about Intimate Body Care by somebody who KNOWS what they are talking about...

Robynne Denise

Licensed Esthetician

10 Years and Counting

@Robynnedenise on IG + Facebook

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