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Its the FINAL countdown!

Hey yall! We have entered into the last week of the year! Isn't it exciting? I don't even have to talk about the way this year hit because we ALL felt it!

Lets take this week to prepare for what's ahead! I have already decided that 2021 will be a focused year for me. I will be focusing on my FACE, FINANCES, FITNESS, FOOD AND FUN...I invite you to join me on my journey. Every Sunday I will be blogging about one of these topics. Im also going to TRY to go live more and talk about these as well.

LIFE IS SHORT...and therefore we must LIVE NOW!

The 5 F's translated...

FACE- Stay with me as I find the perfect BLACK OWNED facial care line. Im going to try 2 and choose which one works for my maturing skin. All women in their 40's should have a facial regimen. I will share mine!

FINANCES- I wasted alot of money this year on just stuff... Stuff like eating crab legs way to much, spoiling my family with gifts and just stuff...I plan to save and get my house remodeled..I plan to start saving the first week in January.. stay with me..

FITNESS- This is that same cliche thing that everybody says...At the start of the year, its our duties to say that we are about to loose weight... but yall I HAVE TOOO... this is the year of alot of events and my slight level up...I have to be a healthy weight... PLUS with COVID out there its important to work those lungs and heart! Im open to any fitness suggestions and virtual workout tips.

FOOD- This is another one, when I eat I tend to eat the right foods, its just that I don't have a regular diet, I will sometimes go all day without eating, or eat late at night and those are terrible habits that must stop. During 2020 I researched alot of different eating methods and I came up with the perfect diet called THE VAGINA DIET... I plan to share recipes and tips with you!

FUN- This is an element of my life that I have to work on. Being an entreprenuer is very time consuming, I am my own marketing, shipping, labeling, servicing...everything... Im my own department and so sometimes FUN gets left out. I have come to a place in my career where its time to add a fun element. I will be doing so by adding staff to my life! Yesssss.... I will be hiring!

Have a happy and blessed last week of the year! I will see you in 2021 with a FRESH NEW LOOK!

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