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Robynne Denise Intimate Body Care...

My product line started in 2015 with one product...Pynk Panties Ingrown Scrub. I went through jar after jar and over time added ingredients until I came up with the perfect product. I can now say that I have sold over 1000 of those jars and I started adding more products until...before I knew it a collection was born..

The Butterfly Collection is a collection of all natural intimate body care. Each unique product in the line serves a purpose and addresses a specific concern. They are made in small batches and sold fresh. One of my goals for this year is to educate yall on these products and the importance using them.

The following products are available in The Butterfly Collection.

Coochie Coo Shampoo

Pynk Panties Ingrown Scrub

Cherry Wine Yoni Oil

Butterfly Soak Bath Salt

Butterfly Kisses Edible Body Butter

Lemonade Exfoliating Cleansing Scrub

Femininity Oil

Everything Butter

Stay tuned all week as I share info on how, when and why to use these products.

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