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Sunday are for Self Care...

Ok girl I know your at home under lock down, but that doesn't mean that your self care should be too... There are plenty of things that you can be doing at home.

Chicago is under lockdown until at least April 30, which means that myself along with all of the other beauty industry people cant perform services until at least after that time. As I stroll Facebook and IG I see that the need is REAL!

Here are a few ideas of some Self Care projects and products that you can use!

First lets start with hygiene, we are all ladies so Im positive that we are waking up and caring for ourselves. Most people start the day by washing your face. I know this is definitly a ritual for me. Sundays are for Self on Sundays I like to give myself a full facial. I use the products below along with some steam. Full facials enhance your mood and make you feel beautiful all day. My favorite part of a "self" facial is the mask. Mask are used for all sorts of reasons. I use mine for hydration. I love to use Mario Badescu mask.

Next lets talk that intimate self care. Every single shower I hit myself with Coochie Coo Shampoo. When I say Im in LOVE with is...its an understatement. Being on lock down it feels so good to have something be so comforting. It has the smell of rose and fresh lemons. Available on my website it comes in an 4 oz bottle that last around 90 days. thats taken care of its time to think about my hair...or lack there of....lmaooo.. I simply use Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil. This oil smells amazing and makes my hair smell even better. Created by Monique Rodriquez....a Chicagoland Queen just like me...This product can be found everywhere, I usually order directly from She also has a pretty cool IG page #luv #superproud

Your mind is also a part of self care. Its "essential" especially during times like this to keep your mental in check. One way that I keep my home balanced is by diffusing oils. This method of aromatherapy has kept my family calm during this storm. I usually wake up early in the morning and start my diffusion with a mind clarifying essential oil such as Sage or Rosemary. After about 2 hours I turn the diffuser off until around 4pm. At this time I tend to diffuse some type of citrus or lemongrass because those are uplifting.

I think this is cool... I may just do this every Sunday and call it Sundays are for Self Care

Thanks for listening. Pray that we can go forward soon!

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