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The Vagina Lyfestyle

Hey Yall!!

I started this out attempting to write a book...but let me tell yall something. Leave book writing to the authors.. Just because you can talk about something all day and in an intelligent way...that does not mean that you can write a book.

PLUS...I didn't want to charge for some FREE GAME!

So here it goes.. At first I it was called The Vagina Diet, but then I decided that its definitely more of a lifestyle..

I will start us out with the ESSENTIALS and as time goes on we will get more in depth. I will be blogging alot more often and this will be a topic at least once or twice per week. Over the next 3 weeks. I will have given you all of the knowledge that I have on how to properly care for your BEST FRIEND!

There are 5 essential steps that should be practiced in order to maintain a healthy and physical lifestyle.

Today we will talk about WATER!



This is the MOST ESSENTIAL element in the Vagina Lyfestyle. A dehydrated Cooch is a damaged one. Water not only keeps you pH balanced, it also aids in the detoxification of waste and buildup.

Water is what you should start your morning with, within the first 20 minutes of your day, you drink at least 16 ounces of water. Adding lemon is even better.

Lemon Water provides not only great benefits for you Vagina, it also serves a great purpose for other things...Like...


Its a great source of Vitamin C..this helps with cardiovascular disease, stroke and blood pressure.

It helps with you SKIN HEALTH, by helping to prevent wrinkles

Lemon Water also aids in digestion and cleaning waste out of your body.

Another addition to water that is AWESOME is MATCHA... Matcha water is not the best tasting...but its not horrible.. Its the BENEFITS for me..

Matcha is Green Tea in its natural state, it has the ability to produce compounds that help enhance SEXUAL PLEAURE...yes... so of course I drink it sometimes..PLUS its super easy to make all you need is Matcha powder and high quality H20... and sometimes I cheat and have a Matcha Lemonade from Starbucks... SO fye!

NEXT...we will talk about HERBS and SUPERFOODS....STAY WITH ME!

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