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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are just automatically trained to start shopping and STRESSING about buying gifts for our loved ones... That shit has to stop... the whole stress part... is overated!

In March of 2020 things got real in all of our lives. Some of us have lost loved ones, some of us have been in a "lock down" state of mind, some of us have been alone, some of us have been stuck in abusive relationships, some of us have only been around children for months now, some of us have lost our jobs...the list of depressing stuff can go on and on. The last thing that we need to do is add Christmas stress.

You cannot take care of anyone unless you are taking care of yourself! Here are a few ways that you can destress this holiday season.



Take some time out to breath. This is very important. There are experts out there who can teach you how to breath for anxiety. Taking a deep breath can save the lives of you and others...LBVS.. The next time your feeling anxiety, try stopping in the middle and taking a long deep breath. Learn the art of meditation. It works....


Upon entrance to my Wax suite, clients often say, wow it smells so good in here, its very calming and cozy. The secret behind that are my essential oils in the diffuser. Essential oils are a daily part of my life. They have properties that can help with almost any ailment. When it comes to my mental clarity I like to burn Peppermint, Lavender or a special blend that I have put together.


Its so easy to just spend spend spend when you see the sales. Keep in mind that this same stuff will be even cheaper after Christmas so don't go crazy buying things that can wait. Write a list and set a budget for each person on it. It feels so great when you are under budget... I literally do a dance right there at the register... lmaoo


CBD is a non high type of relaxation. I offer 2 products that are perfect for this. Peppermint Kush Body Wash, its invigorating scent and relaxation properties will calm any anxiety that you are experiencing. The Butterfly Soak is what I use to detox my body and soul and well as destress after a long day. Both are available on my website


If none of these things are working and you feel like you have done all that you can do, SEEK HELP...there is nothing wrong with talking to somebody about what your feeling. Even if you cant afford a professional, there are people out here to talk to. If you truly need someone, feel free to reach out to me and we can get you some help! Never think your alone because your not..

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