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Vitamin E....Period!

I knew in Esthetics school that I wanted to have my own product line. I was always so fascinated by other lines. I would inspect the packaging, the smell, the website and most of all the ingredients.

Ingredients are the most important part of a product...No matter how beautiful the label is, if the ingredients are toxic, the product will not work.

One of the topics that we spent alot of time on in school was ingredients, I then took it upon myself to further grow my knowledge. I did things like worked a job at Ulta for pennies...I wasn't there for the pay though, I was there to learn about products. I also freelanced for several big name brands such as Loccitane, Murad and Mario Badescu. I was once offered a position with LaMer, a super fancy product line sold in high end retail stores.... but I could just not bring myself to sell a $1000 facial cream to anyone...that just rediculous...

That's when I vowed to make my own product line. A product line using the things that were already provided on earth for us..

Thats when I discovered Vitamin E...

There are so many benefits to Vitamin E for your skin. I will talk about the top 5.

A. Moisture for the skin

B. Heals Wounds

C. Reduces Itching

D. Prevents Scars

E. Prevents Wrinkles

I use Vitamin E in all of my products...its a MUST! When shopping around for products...remember its all about the ingredients.

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