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I know..I know.....Girl... I know... You can't take it no more...that shit is hot, irritating and musty. Your at your wits end and your ready to do it... BUT FIRST.....READ THIS..

The idea of putting a razor to your body should freak you out. When you shave you are subject to small cuts that can cause bleeding, ingrown hairs and scars. These cuts are prone to bacteria and bacteria causes infections...get it... Shaving also causes your hair to be hard and prickly, making it harder to wax when you return to waxing. Dry skin is also a factor.

Shaving only last about 2-3 days which means that you will have to keep shaving often. Shaving this often will no doubt cause....coochie bumps...yup...if you dont know what coochie bumps are...look below..

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